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Schools (Age 4 - 16)

Applications for schooling must be made by a parent or legal guardian once the family have arrived in the UK. Schools must go through formal processes and paperwork that is not possible before the child and family have a local address. Schools will ask for formal Home Office documentation, a letter from the host family confirming the family is resident with them, alongside a council tax bill and another utility bill.


If a school in Hampshire is approached with an application for a school place from Ukrainian refugee families, they will process the applications in line with the usual school admission rules.


For schools that are full, families will be referred to Hampshire school admissions as they have best overview of where there is capacity.

Sixth Form Colleges (Age 16 - 18)

Brockenhurst Sixth Form College advises students to apply via the normal admissions process. An English for Speakers of Other Languages course will be added to a Ukrainian student's timetable. Proof of residence status will be needed and there will be an interview before the offer of a place is made.

Refugee Education UK

A charity that will support Ukrainian refugees by ensuring they can access and thrive in education so may provide additional assistance if needed.

Winchester University - Ukrainian sanctuary Award

The University of Winchester has established this award to support students from Ukraine who have sought sanctuary in the UK as a result of the Russian invasion, or those Ukrainians who were already in the UK at the time of the invasion and who wish to remain in the country until they can safely return home.

The Ukrainian Sanctuary Award provides up to 5 students each year with: 100% tuition fee waiver and £1,000 bursary for each year of study.


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