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Ukrainian Support Helpline

Tel: 0800 148 8586

Following discussion with the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, Barnado's have set up this Ukrainian Support Helpline to provide a holistic support service. The Helpline is available to anyone fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.  

Get in touch if you need support with therapy with a qualified psychotherapist – delivered via the phone or online, with access to interpreters 

An Extraordinary Situation!

Prior to 24th February 2022 none of us would have envisaged being part of the largest overseas hosting programme Britain has seen. The whole situation is wrong because the war in Ukraine is wrong.


Welcoming strangers with a different culture and language into their homes for 6 months and upwards

Supporting their guests through all the possibly unfamiliar processes needed - benefits, healthcare, education etc.

Empowering guests to make their own choices to preserve well being and dignity.


Still facing the ongoing trauma of war in their homeland, they have to cope with a different culture and language.

They lack their familiar support networks being unlikely to have family and friends close at hand.

They are keen to establish some normality for themselves but are most likely uncomfortable sharing space in a stranger's home

Every household is different, there is no right way to cope - empathy and kindness are a good start. 

There will be tough days - that's OK....look after yourself too!

Host Family Support
MindSenseAbility's Presentation for NFHU hosts

Ukrainian refugee wellbeing

Dr Fiona Macdiarmid, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Sandy Teal, Educational Consultant

Ros Urwin, Consultant Occupational Therapist

Supporting Ukrainian Refugees
A Marathon not a Sprint

Presentation for hosts as part of the Sanctuary Foundation support programme. How to deal with the challenges of being a host - self care, cultural differences, trauma.

Refugee Support Course
Sign up for this free Sanctuary Foundation online course

From safeguarding to trauma and from cross-cultural communication to community integration this course provides essential basic training for all those living, working or volunteering with refugees.

Emotional Support for Refugees
Experiencing trauma? Struggling to adapt to life in the UK

It is completely understandable that you may be feeling low, anxious or emotional. This link aims to help you understand what you might be struggling with and how to access free NHS help.

It provides details on common reactions to trauma and loss as well as guidance on how you can manage these difficulties.

Social Prescribers
NHS Wellbeing support

The help that's needed is not always medicines so the Primary Care Neworks offer wellbeing support through their 'Social Prescribers'.


They take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing and can provide connections to community groups and other services for practical as well as emotional support.


You can contact a social prescriber directly if you feel you need support - see the leaflet for contact details.

It takes time
Everyone's experience is different but a common pattern

This picture below shows what is typical

  • a sense of camaraderie, unity, energy and optimism in the early stages

  • for recovery to be a long, protracted journey

  • for people to have a hard time along the way

  • for ongoing stress to make it challenging to retain optimism, tolerance, the ability to problem solve and empathise

  • for the majority of people to ‘recover’ but also to grow from the experience.


It helps to take this emotional landscape of recovery into account:

  • As time goes on energy and optimism may wane just when they are most important.

  • Commitment and support from others may fade over time as they have other pressures or are expected to be doing what they were before.

  • Remind yourself what motivated you to get involved

  • Take care of yourself so you can care for others

Ukrainian refugee wellbeing
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