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  • We match host to guest using information provided

  • Host is given guest details

Host contacts guest.

Contact us you need a translator

Guest contacted by host 

Host and guest share information with each other

Host decides to proceed?

Guest decides to proceed?

Host or guest complete Ukrainian Sponsorship Scheme visa application(s)

A separate application must be completed for every guest

Requires sharing personal data including passport details for hosts and guests and uploading pdf's of ID documents.

Host tells NFHU application made

Government processes the visa application

Local authority visits sponsor / security checks

Checks with Ukranian government on guests.

Guest gets a permission to enter letter

Patience is needed at this stage it can take 3+ weeks as the checks take time. 

Guest travels to the UK

Hosts may help with arrangements

See Supporting information page for travel information

Homes for Ukraine Matching Process

Guests need to go to a visa application centre (VAC) before arrival in the UK if they do not have a valid international passport. 
See link for more information.

For further information see the UK Government's Homes for Ukraine scheme

If you’re Ukrainian and need any assistance, please call the 24/7 free government helpline +44 808 164 8810 or use +44 175 390 7510 (not free).

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