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New Forest Homes for Ukraine on BBC's Countryfile

Our team, made up solely of volunteers, came together with a shared vision to:

  • Match local sponsors with Ukraine families fleeing to the UK

  • Provide ongoing support once they are here in the New Forest.

We first met in March 2022 but have worked quickly to build an effective team. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to fill keys roles as we are still growing to meet demand for our services.

We have received generous financial support of over £16,000 to cover the costs of our planned support activities, primarily from local grant funders, our Crowdfunding campaign and kind donations.

Formally incorporated as a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee in May 2022 we are a not-for-profit social enterprise.

See our forest picnic on BBC's Countryfile.

*photo courtesy of the BBC

The NFHU Team

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