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Finding a Job

Lymington Job Workshops 

Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th September 2022

We are running two job workshops in collaboration with GoHenry and St Barbe Ukraine Project. They will cover:

  • Cultural differences in job hunting in the UK,

  • CV refinement with focus on transferable skills,

  • Interview practice,

  • Where to find jobs and finding out about employers

If you can help with translation at the event please get in touch by email

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Ukrainians in the UK under the Family or Homes for Ukraine scheme are entitled to work while seeking refuge here in the UK, in order to support themselves financially.

We have referenced some potential sources of employment here and will post specific opportunities on our Facebook group as we become aware of them. 


As the New Forest is a National Park and a holiday destination there are often vacancies in the hospitality sector (hotel housekeeping, maintenance, waiting staff, catering, cleaning). It is also a rural area so there are opportunities for agricultural work (fruit picking, plant nurseries). There are, of course, a wider range of opportunities, some of these may depend on your English language skills.

If you claimed benefits on arrival in the UK (Universal Credit, Pension Credit) you must tell them if you start work.

When you find a job with a UK employer you’ll need to prove your right to work. To use the online service you’ll need to have a BRP or your passport. If you cannot use the online service, you can show your employer:

  • a visa

  • your BRP, or

  • a stamp in your passport

You do not need a National Insurance number (NINO) to start work but you can apply for one

  • online

  • by phone 0800 141 2075

Online Job Hunting

There are many national websites that advertise job vacancies in the New Forest area, we have picked a few below.

Below are a few local Facebook groups and recruitment agencies.

Local Employers

  • Amazon is a large employer in the Totton area.

  • Farms and plant nurseries may offer agricultural work.

  • It may be worth approaching a local hotel regarding vacancies if transport is an issue.

  • Small village shops and large supermarkets may advertise vacancies for other local businesses.

The UK Minimum Wage

Depending on your age there is a minimum amount your employer is allowed to pay. This is known as the National Living Wage (for those aged 23 and over) and the National Minimum Wage (for those aged 16-22). The rates from 1st April 2022are given in the table.

Under 18
18 - 20
21 - 22
23 and over
Hourly rate

Citizens Advice can provide detailed employment advice if you are having problems in your job. They offer some key tips here.

Citizens advice Ukrainian refugee support

If you are working you need to pay Income Tax and National Insurance contributions to the government. This money usually comes straight out of your salary if you’re paid by an employer.

If you’re self-employed, you need to do a Self Assessment tax return each year.

If you claim benefits you can do unpaid voluntary work without your benefits being affected. This may be a way of building confidence and English language ability before starting a job. Click on the options below to explore local opportunities.

Jobcentre Plus is a government-funded employment agency whose aim it is to help people of working age find employment in the UK. They offer job search advice, personalised coaching and lists of current vacancies. The service is completely free and is open to the public.


You can visit Jobcentre Plus to speak to an advisor about help with your job search or to find current vacancies. You can arrange an appointment or simply drop by when you get a chance. Job hunters can also visit Jobcentre Plus to use free computer access and wi-fi to apply for positions.

Jobcentre Plus provides resources to enable job-searchers to find work, through

  • Jobpoints - touch-screen computer terminals in the Job Centres,

  • The Jobcentre Plus website

  • Job fairs where you can meet local employers looking to recruit.

  • Job hunting classes - including CV writing

The map below shows the Jobcentre's in the New Forest.

Opora are offering business grants to Ukrainian refugee-led businesses of up to £5,000. The business grant will be offered in combination with business support and ongoing advisory, to help ensure the business is successful.

Applicants will need a business plan and a bank account open in the name of the LTD or the sole trader account for the grant to be processed.

Please read through the full details of the scheme on their website before applying

The first step is to register on the Opora platform and submit an 'expression of interest'. The platform is currently closed for applications open again  in Q3 2022.

Overseas teachers enrich the lives of students and add value to schools and the wider community. The Department for Education (DfE)  supports and encourages UK schools to recruit Ukrainian teachers.

Not a teacher already? There is financial support available to train as a teacher if that appeals and training providers are encoraged 

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