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Ukrainian Refugee support


We Urgently Need Hosts

As the situation in Ukraine drops down the news agenda we have seen a decrease in new hosts registering for matching.

This pattern is not a local phenomenon, matching agencies across the country are seeing the same trend.


As the focus of the war in Ukraine shifts the demand for accommodation is still increasing. People who have held out in their homes for as long as possible are being  forced to flee.

 New Forest hosts are still needed - if you can help please contact

The government's Homes for Ukraine Scheme requires people offering accommodation (hosts) and refugees (guests) to have made contact with each other before they can jointly complete the Homes for Ukraine Visa Application. For a few who already know people in Ukraine this is straightforward, but for the majority of those wanting to act as hosts this presents a challenge.

To address this New Forest Homes for Ukraine (NFHU) has setup a matching service between those offering accommodation in the New Forest (sponsors) and Ukrainians seeking refuge in the UK. Once matched, hosts contact guests and both parties can then decide whether to jointly complete the UK Government's Homes for Ukraine visa application.

We are also working with local community groups as well as parish and town councils across the forest as they are best placed to support the hosts and their guests in their communities.

Note: We do not have the resources or access to the necessary databases to carry out any safeguarding checks ourselves. These are carried out by the Government and local authorities as part of the Homes for Ukraine visa application process.

Additional information for Guests once they have arrived in the UK.

Useful information for hosts and guests including

  • Considerations for hosts before applying

  • Getting to the UK

Useful information for hosts and guests including

  • Useful information once guests have arrived, including healthcare, schooling and benefits.

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